DEI and HR Consulting

ABOUT – DEI and HR Consulting


What we do

Our team of DEI consultants bring a vast and meaningful array of expertise, lived experiences, and perspectives to their work. 

We help our clients identify, custom-build, and execute long-term strategies that measurably improve employee retention and engagement, and make workplace belonging a reality for team members from any and every walk of life.

Customized Solutions

We believe in designing solutions that work for our clients, which is why at RKL Resource we tailor our approach to fit our clients’ needs. We have experience with a variety of tools, methodologies, and frameworks which have helped redefine and transform organizational cultures.


Our customized approach ensures that team members and workplaces achieve organizational change, professional growth, and business results.

Hold focus groups within your organization to help gain an awareness of where you are within your DEI journey.

Interview key stakeholders to gain a perspective of their DEI goals.


Survey your team to gain awareness of the current climate, including areas where DEI could be further supported.

Provide a comprehensive Executive  Report with an overview of key findings, including focus groups, interviews, surveys, other data, and recommended next steps.

Speaking Services


At RKL Resources, we offer  interactive dialogues that inspire leaders to step forward more proactively on behalf of diversity, and set a tone that seeks and celebrates inclusion as a core business driver.

Our keynote presentations provide tangible actions companies of any size can take to set the right foundation for growth, sustainability, and success, through cutting-edge application of DEI best practices. By meeting audiences where they are, our diverse lineup of industry experts provide clear roadmaps to creating workplaces of greater understanding where everyone’s talents can shine.


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  • Bystander Intervention 
  • Neurodiversity 101
  • The 6 Common Types of Diversity In The Workplace
  • Defining DEI
  • How to build an inclusive workplace
  • Leveraging the Power of ERGs and Executive Sponsors